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Future Development Plans/Schedules

Future Development Plans/Schedules
1. Short-term plans/schedules from years 2012-2013
1.1 Open part-time Industry-linked Master courses.
1.2 Accreditation of Engineering Education: The department will continue to move the accreditation of engineering and technology education programs evaluated by The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET).
1.3 Simplify the course system: All course programs will be switched to 4-year and 2-year bachelor degree before year 2012.
1.4 Host Academic Conference: In year 2011, WCE2011 Conference will be hosted by the department.
1.5 Host Technology Competition Programs: 2011 Christmas Tree Light Design Competition and 2011 LED Light Bar Creations Competition is hosted by the department.
1.6 Excellent Teaching Project: Carry out the Excellent Teaching Project sponsored by Ministry of Education. This project aims to update our teaching environment into a high standard/quality.
1.7 Department-based Curriculum: Design the department-based curriculum linking with industry and thus update the current teaching system. 
1.8 Project Implementation: Academic staff is strongly encouraged to run projects sponsored by government or industry.
1.9 Skill Evaluation and Assistance: The department will schedule a training program for students to acquire a professional skill licenses in electronics fields .
1.10 Requirement of General English Proficiency Test: All students must pass General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) from year 2012 before their graduation.
1.11 Implementation of Tactic-League Project in Middle Area of Taiwan. This project will strengthen the linking between high school and University.
1.12 Enhance the international project cooperation:
        The program includes:
         1. Invite foreign experts to make English speech.
         2. Host international cooperation and exchange programs sponsored by Ministry of Education.
         3. Promote the development of Intelligent Robots.
         4. International exchange programs.
         5. Cooperation with foreign Universities in research projects.
1.13 Advance laboratory facilities.
2. Medium-term plans/schedules from years 2014-2017
2.1 Promote international cooperation and intake overseas students.
2.2 Host international conferences.
2.3 Establish “Industry-based Research Center” focused on Communication, Multimedia, IC and Industrial Electronics.
2.4 Strengthen Industry links with local enterprises.
2.5 Carry on “Excellent Teaching Project” sponsored by Ministry of Education.
2.6 Implement Department-based Curriculum and link with local enterprises closely.
2.7 Continue to apply and run both research and industrial projects.
2.8 Host professional skill test programs sponsored by the government. Also, assist student to pass the skill tests.
2.9 Continue Accreditation Program in Engineering Education: This mission aims to achieve the terminal target, i.e., receiving “lifelong accreditation” certificate issued by IEET.